How To Stop ‘Set Up Apple Pay’ Prompt From Other Apps


iOS 11.2 has been released and it also brought some bug fixes also it has added support for Apple PayCash. Apple Pay Cash enables individuals to easily send and also receive money via iMessages. It is not a must to use Apple Pay Cash if you don’t want to. As at now, it is only available in a few countries. Although, You will still be prompted to enable it even if you reside in a country that is not supported. That said, it seems apps that actually support this new feature will nudge you to set up Apple Pay. Here is how to stop them.

Even if you turned off Apple Pay, or no card has been added to it, apps that support it will continue to prompt you to set up Apple Pay. This occurs because of an Apple Wallet “feature”. It also prompts you because you might have set up a payment method for your Apple ID but you have not connected it to Apple Wallet or Apple Pay.

Stop ‘Set Up Apple Pay’ Prompts

For you to stop apps from always asking you to set up Apple Pay, head over to the Settings app and go to the Wallet & Apple Pay. At the very top, tap the turn off Apple Pay Cash switch, and you will no longer be prompted from apps asking you to set up Apple Pay Cash.

apple pay cash

Apple Payment Information

This will not have any effect whatsoever on the payment information which you have set up with your Apple ID. Any debit or credit cards you have previously added to your account will still work normally. If you make use of Apple Wallet, this will not also have any effect on it if you’ve saved debit or credit cards to it.

Apple Pay Cash is just a new and different feature. It already knows that you’ve configured a payment option but it cannot connect automatically to it.

Apple does not like enabling region restricted features for everyone. For instance, the TV app that was added in iOS 10. It will only show on your iPad or iPhone if you’re signed in into the US App Store. If you signed in into a different store, the TV app will automatically be replaced with the Videos app on your phone. That is how Apple Pay ought to function.

Unfortunately, Apple is now careless with this new feature thereby making it possible to delete the Apple Pay app when there is no given way to retrieve it back. This might be the reason why this feature is not region restricted. It is either that or maybe it is too integrated into the system to be hidden. We actually doubt this since Apple can, and does disable Facetime app on some certain iPhones that are sold in regions where it’s restricted.


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