How To Cast To Chromecast From VLC Player Android


VLC is the go-to application for anyone looking for a great, feature rich, free media player. It’s also available on all major desktop and mobile platforms and it supports almost all media file format there is. You’d be hard put to see an application that stacks up against it regarding features, paid or something else. On top of that, VLC has been slow to add support for the Chromecast. Presently, if you want to stream any media from the VLC player to Chromecast from your Windows desktop, you need to run a beta version of the application. It doesn’t work that well. VLC Android works much better. You would now be able to cast to Chromecast from VLC Android if you’re running the beta version of the application.

The VLC Android Beta application has quite recently added support for the Chromecast. If you own an Android device that has native support for Chromecast, this won’t be a big deal for you. Unfortunately, Android updates are slow to roll out and there is still some Android device that are stuck with Android 6 at present. That is actually why it matters when an app like VLC adds support for the Chromcast. Obviously, this is the beta version of the application so before you can download it, you have to become a beta tester for VLC. It’s as straightforward as joining a group on Google+. Join with the very same Google account you will use to download the beta version of the application.

VLC Android Beta Chromecast Support

Ensure your Chromecast has been set up and is On. Download VLC beta or if you already have it on your device, ensure you’re running version 2.9.0 or later. The cast button won’t show up unless you have a Chromecast effectively set up.

Cast To Chromecast From VLC Player Android

Open VLC and you will see a cast button on the navigation bar. Tap it and it will connect automatically to your Chromecast. It doesn’t require any extra confirmation. In the case that you have more than two Chromecasts available, it will ask which one you want to connect with however in the event that you just have one device, it will connect to it automatically.

cast to chromecast

If you want to disconnect, i.e. stop casting to Chromecast, tap the cast button again. It will ask you if you want to stop casting to the device before disconnecting from it.

Compared to the desktop version, VLC beta for Android works much better. It connects all the more reliably and during tests, it didn’t fail for once. It can also playback media without lagging and the video quality is just fine.



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