Facebook CryptoCurrency coin Almost done


Sometime last year, it was gathered that Facebook was building its own Cryptocurrency coin for WhatsApp.

Now, Facebook, Telegram and Signal, are planning to roll out new cryptocurrencies over the next year that are meant to allow users to send money to contacts on their messaging platform, like a Venmo or PayPal that can move across international borders.

Facebook crypto

The most anticipated but secretive project is underway at Facebook. The company is working tirelessly on a coin that users of WhatsApp, which Facebook owns, could send to their loved ones instantly, said five people briefed on the effort who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of confidentiality agreements.

Facebook has recently held conversations with cryptocurrency exchanges about selling the Facebook coin to consumers, said four people briefed on the negotiations. Telegram, which has an estimated 300 million users worldwide, is also working on a digital coin. Signal, an encrypted messaging service that is popular among technologists and privacy advocates, has its own coin in the works. And so do the biggest messaging applications in South Korea and Japan, Kakao, and Line.

The messaging companies have a reach that dwarfs the backers of earlier cryptocurrencies. Facebook and Telegram can make the digital wallets used for cryptocurrencies available, in an instant, to hundreds of millions of users.

On the other hand, Telegram which is also working on cryptocurrencies said to have sent letters to investors saying that it was 90% done with the key components of the network that would house the Gram, the name for its digital token.

Facebook and Telegram coin would make it easier to move money between countries all over the world.


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