How To Make Use Of The Magnifier Tool In iOS


Smartphones have changed the way people communicate with each other and with their environment. Augmented reality and virtual reality, once they turn out to be more popular and mainstream, will add another way for people to interact with their environment using only their phones. Of course for a few people, simpler features on a smartphone like a left-handed keyboard design are similarly as more as the revolutionary ones. The fact of the matter is, the availability adds on any smartphone that helps individuals have better lives. There’s a flawless magnifier tool in iOS that allows you to magnify or zoom in on real-life articles.

The magnifier tool in iOS was added a year ago in iOS 10. In iOS 11, it’s substantially easier to get to it via a toggle in the Control Center.

Magnifier Tool In iOS 10

To access the magnifier tool in iOS 10, open the Settings app. Go to General>Accessibility>Magnifier.

Turn the magnifier on here. Once turned on, you can use it by clicking/tapping the home button three times.

Magnifier Tool In iOS 11

In iOS 10, you will have to enable the magnifier tool before you can use it. That is not the situation in iOS 11. All you have to do is simply add the magnifier toggle to the control center and, open it from there.

Open the Settings app and go to Control Center. Tap Edit Controls. From the list of toggles available, add Magnifier. Come back to your home screen. Anytime you want to use the magnifier tool, swipe up to open the Control Center and tap the magnifier button.

The Magnifier Tool

The Magnifier tool looks just like a camera tool, it also comes bundled with a shutter that can take real photos. The photos, however, are not saved to your camera roll. You can pan around once you’ve taken a photo however that is about it. The slider allows you to manage the zoom level and the lock icon allows you to lock the focus. In case you’re looking at something in low light, you can turn on the flash to get a better picture of it.

The tool is basically the camera app aside from the photos you take wouldn’t be saved. To come back to the Magnifier app after taking a photo, tap the screen button.

Since this isn’t a photo-taking tool, the quality isn’t very great, most especially if you zoom in too much. Also, if you’re using it to read the fine print on say, a package insert from a medicine, you will have the ability to read it comfortably. It’s great that Apple’s added a far less demanding way to open the tool.


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