3 Ways To Check If Your iPhone Is New Or Refurbished


The iPhone is arguably one of the most expensive smartphones in the mobile market. With the iPhone X, the cost of a base model has reached $1000. To some people, an iPhone is overrated, throttled hardware. To others, it’s a dependable device which, if Apple doesn’t meddle with it, can last for years. In the event that you have an iPhone 4 or even an iPhone 3 sitting somewhere in your garage, chances are it will turn on and work superbly even at this point. It will be slow however that will be normal since we’ve gotten used to quicker devices now. Solid hardware is a justifiable reason to purchase an iPhone however in the event that you’re getting one that is relatively cheap, it’s conceivable you’re getting a refurbished handset. Here’s the way by which you can check if an iPhone is new or refurbished.

Your iPhone’s model number is what tells wheater the iPhone is new or refurbished. This is the information that you can check on the box, and also in iOS.

Box Check

If you’ve recently purchased your iPhone and haven’t opened it yet, flip the box over and take a close look at the bottom. You will see an entire host of information regarding your phone, including its IMEI number. What you have to look for is the model number. It ought to be written right next to the iPhone model name.

iPhone box

iOS Check

If in the event you’ve already opened your iPhone, or you don’t have the box it came in you can check if your iPhone is new or refurbished from iOS. Open the Settings application and go to General > About. Now, look for the model number here.

iPhone model

New versus Refurbished Model Number

A new iPhone’s model number begins with the letter M. While a refurbished iPhone model number begins with the letter F. In uncommon cases, the model number may even begin with the letter N which is for replacement devices.

You can get a refurbished phone either from a third-party seller or directly from Apple. A refurbished phone costs less but if you bought it from Apple it will come with the same warranty as a brand new iPhone. On the off chance that you paid the cost for a new iPhone and got a refurbished one, however, you should seek either a refund or replacement. This is probably going to happen only if you purchase a device from untrustworthy merchants. Apple doesn’t really make this kind of mistakes but will correct it should it happen.

Apple has been selling refurbished iPhones for a long time now. A year ago, it made it possible for users to order a refurbished iPhone online also. It’s normal to see them nor are they defective devices. They’re as solid to use as any other Apple product.


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