How To Automatically Block All Mention Of The US 2016 Elections From Your Twitter Feed [Chrome]


Automatically Block All Mention Of The US 2016 Elections From Your Twitter Feed

The United States presidential elections have been a very heated one. Some of the contesting candidates that are currently running are often at the middle of one controversial statement or the other. We won’t say more but Season 20 of South Park will probably say it much better. And everything that has to do with US 2016 elections seems to turn into a loud heated argument that’s even bound to lose your friends. So if you’re sick and tired of the constant stream of news and people outlets discussing the issue of the upcoming US elections then Make Twitter Great Again will do just that for you, it’s a chrome extension you should check out. It automatically hides all the tweets concerning the US 2016 election from your twitter timeline. Though the tweets still appear but the text will be replaced with the placeholder sentence. “This text is about USA election 2016”

US 2016 elections

Now, head over to chrome and install the extension, it will add a little button just next to the URL sidebar. Tap on it to make sure the extension is enabled.

make twitter great again

All you have to do now is to refresh your twitter feed and all tweets or headlines which are related to the US 2016 elections will be totally gone.

us election tweet

The said extension does not remove images but any of the headlines that vaguely reference anyone relating to the US elections will be hidden. The extension doesn’t focus only on the political stuff or the stories that are specifically termed as political. If at all there’s a tweet in your timeline about one of the candidates that are contesting, that dropped out of the contest, or that might be contesting mates, etc, the tweeted text will be hidden. It does not even matter if the tweet is about the said candidate tax returns, or health or their hair.

If you’d like to read the said tweets about the US elections anyway you can tap on it to see the actual text. It’s even much easier than you disabling the extension when you want to read up on the latest developments concerning the elections. Other news stories that are not related to political will continue to appear as they normally do in your timeline.

We’re currently looking out for something similar to this in Firefox

Install Make Twitter Great Again Frim The Chrome Web Store


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