Google Chrome To Let Users Permanently Mute Websites That Play Video Ads With Sound Automatically


A new version of Google’s Chrome web browser – Chrome 64 – will be released this week, the amazing thing is that it will allow users to permanently mute websites. Annoying websites like sites that normally auto-plays video. There are various sites on the web that have chosen to annoy users by playing videos that continuously follow you while you scroll over a page with the sound on.

Such kind of websites consumes your internet data a lot. Instead of such site ruining your entire day, you would now be able to just right-click on the offending tab and mute the site for good. Once you mute a website, it won’t ever again play videos with sound automatically until you unmute it.

permanently mute websites

The browser will also bring new support for high dynamic range content on Windows.

To make use of Chrome’s HDR capabilities, you will require a Windows PC with the Fall Creators Update installed and an HDR-compatible monitor and graphics card.

Chrome 64 has also included 53 security fixes, including extra mitigations against speculative side-channel attack techniques.

Muting “Reminder Ads”

Google has also introduced a new feature to its advert settings that allow users to mute reminder ads in apps and on websites that make use of Google’s advertisement platform.

Reminder ads are advertisements for products that you have previously browsed..


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