How to Watch Free Movies on YouTube

It’s true that you can now rent or pre order movies on YouTube. The titles or movies that you can rent or pre-order however does include movies from Marvel Franchise, it also includes some obscure movies that are yet to be shown in your local theater. This particular YouTube feature is actually geographicly limited, i.e. it is made available to only some select countries and even if you make use of a VPN to access the movies page, you’ll still need a credit card to make any purchases. YouTube is now offering users in selected countries free to watch movies. Although, they have ads and are generally limited geographicly however, if do have access to the movies page you can watch free movies on YouTube. Presently, there are over 400 titles available for free although, movies that you’d call ‘popular’ is, however going to be old. We’re not referring to black & white, square screen, technicolor, still backdrops but still, somewhat old and also no Marvel titles are included in them just yet.

Watch free movies on YouTube

As of now, the free movies are only made available in The US only. What you’ll be needing is a good VPN service that can effectively change your location to that of US. Being that you’re streaming video, and a good deal of it, you will actually need a VPN that is very stable enough to enable you to play the movies without it being choppy. We actually recommend using ExpressVPN. Apart from it being fast, but also very secure offering 256-bit AES encryption. JohnboscoTips readers can actually get three months free subscription on an annual subscription plan. Once you’ve installed and enabled the VPN service, quickly switch to the location to the US region and then navigate back to YouTube. Expand the navigation column by the left and select the Movies & Shows section.
watch free movies on youtube
Now, you’ll be taken to the Movies & Shows channel, you will see a given section that is called Free to watch. All the titles shown here are what you can watch for free, although they normally have ads included. This is actually mentioned under every given title that is presently available to watch for free. Now, simply click on any title and it will start playing.
free movies with ads
While this works, there’s actually no word yet as to when the catelog of free movies will be expanded and also no words as to when the free movies will be made available in other countries but we believe it ought to happen eventually. If the Movies & Shows channel is available in your country, you can be rest assured that some free titles will be made available eventually however, licensing rights will also play a major role in how soon they arrive in your country. If you’re familiar with Netflix, you ought to know that the titles it has to offer are mostly geographically restricted as well and majority of the good ones are only made available for the US audience.


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