Samsung Recalls All Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones


Samsung Recalls All Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones

samsung galaxy note 7

In an unprecedented move, Samsung on the early hours of Friday morning made an announcement that it will recall every Galaxy Note 7 it has produced to date. The news came just a day after Samsung paused production following a handful reports of faulty units in its Note 7 devices. But why the pause of production and issue a recall just because of a handful of faulty units? Here is why — The faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets don’t just fail, they also explode.

The apparent safety risks have forced Samsung’s hand, which leaves the company with no choice but to make a recall of its recent flagship phablets notwithstanding the relatively low rate of the affected devices. This move is absolutely unprecedented. And this isn’t the first time a high-profile smartphone should have been recalled — Apple did found a way to keep on selling the iPhone 4 devices notwithstanding an obvious flaw in its antenna that impacted performance flow and would ultimately be fixed in newer units — but it’s the very first time we’ve seen a high-profile flagship make a recall on its smartphone.

Hers’s what you need to know:

According to Samsung in a recent post, there have been around 35 separate reports worldwide of the same incidents relating to the Galaxy Note 7’s battery problem. That mentioned figure also represents the number of known failures at this point, but it’s not really clear of how many phones are affected by the battery problem (hence they made the recall).

So far, Samsung has sold 2.5 million Note 7 smartphones since its release. Customers who have already purchased the Note 7s will be able to make a swap for newer smartphones.

The recall is abruptly cooling excitement for the new 5.7-inch pen-based phablet, which drew admiring reviews. While pricy, at $850, it was also applauded for waterproof, 64GB storage, and the ability to unlock with the user’s iris.



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