How To Create And Share Your Own Message Via The Stranger Things Letter Wall


Create And Share Your Own Message Via The Stranger Things Letter Wall

Stranger Things is a new hit Netflix series that is just currently one season and possibly one of the best modern sci-fi shows you’ll watch. Anyways we’re not going to give any spoilers for the show if you are still watching or about to watch the first season so it’s pretty safe to continue reading. There’s a cool scene in Stranger Things episode 3 where a wall is being painted with letters and Christmas lights are strung at the very top of them. The letters and lights are used to spell out a message one at a time. It’s very cool and Netflix has already released a little web app that allows you create your own letter wall message to share as a GIF.

Step To Create Your Own Message Via The Stranger Things Letter Wall

Visit the Stranger Things web app and insert whatever message you’ll want to spell out. Note that the longer your message will determine the size of your final GIF. Once you have created your desired message the app will allow you download the GIF or share it on your Twitter and Facebook timeline.

The app has a maximum of 20 character limit so it will make sure you don’t get too carried away by it. Now, enter your desired message and click on “Create” and also remember to keep your message short.


The GIF will only take a few seconds to generate and the quality is also awesome. A GIF created for a message of about eleven characters long turned out to be around 3.2MB which is somewhat big as far as images go. Once created and generated you can simply share it on your Twitter or Facebook or better still download it.


The GIF will be played in a continues loop and it will spell out your message. You have to save the GIF or share immediately because if you navigate away from the page the whole thing will be lost.

Visit the Stranger Things Letter Wall Here


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