Apple iPhone 7 Is Set To Launch On September 7, Here Is Everything We Know


Apple Is Set To Launch  iPhone 7 On September 7, Here Is Everything We Know

Numerous leaks of the iPhone 7 have been surfacing around the internet for some time now. There were different speculations which range from the possibility of it being a water resistant and self-healing to a more recent leak which reveals a blue iPhone (7) Plus. This same smartphone that is yet to be released was even cloned in China just about two months ago.

apple iPhone 7 invite

An invitation for a press conference scheduled for September 7 was sent earlier today. More details also disclosed that the said event will be taking place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Apple is also known for unveiling a new iPhone each September which makes it the fifth consecutive years, and there is no doubt that things will be different this year.

In regards to other features, recent rumors stated that the 4.7-inch variant will spot a repositioned antenna lines, laser auto focus, wireless charging, wireless earbuds, removal of the headphone jack and claims that the design will be a lot of resemblance to that of the iPhone 6s. For the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, many suggestions claim that there will be a dual camera system for taking better quality pictures and a three-dot magnetic connection which is called the Smart Connector port.

Here Is A Hands On Video Regarding The iPhone 7 Plus Prototype:

The company will also roll out the newest iOS 10 and updated Apple Watches alongside with the smartphones. In regards to whether these rumors are true or false, September 7 is just around the corner. We have had enough of all these leaks; we want to see the real deal by Apple itself.


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