How To Add A Note To Your Device Lock Screen In iOS


Add A Note To Your Lock Screen In iOS

Apple iOS has for long had a very clean and smooth lock screen. You are able to display notifications on it and also access the camera and nothing further. As per iOS, widgets can be added to the lock screen which is going to make it a lot busier. Your everyday appointments, the weather of the day, and also a traffic report can all be set to display on the lock screen. If you are looking forward to add a note to your lock screen, perhaps an address that you need to get to or a grocery list, a free iOS widget app called Today Snippet will do just that for you. The app functions as an extension which allows you to add text from any app. Couple it with the inbuilt Notes app you can also add anything you have saved as a note to your device’s lock screen.

Now, open the Notes application and navigate to the note you would want to on your lock screen. Next, tap on the share button at the very top, the share menu will display with options for the extensions and apps with which you can share the note to. At the button row, swipe to the very end and tap on the More option. Enable the “Today” extension in the list or options and return to the share menu. Tap on “Today” and the note will automatically be added to Today Snippet.

share noteshare note today

Go to your device lock screen, or better still swipe right to go directly to the widgets page on your home screen. Tap on “Edit” and add the “Today Snippet” widget. With the “Today Snippet” which has been added to your list of widgets. You will be able to see the note which you shared to it appear on your device’s lock screen. If you want to delete the text the widget shows, you can simply share a new text to it. If you also want to delete text, open the Today Snippet app and go to the Settings tab, tap on “Delete Today Snippet Text”.

snippet lock screentoday snippet


Even if you are not running on iOS 10, you can still be able to use Today Snippet to put a note in the Notification Center. Note that you must be running at least iOS 8 to be able to use Today Snippet because the only way to add text to it is via an extension.

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