WhatsApp Update: New Change Number Feature To Be Rolled Out


As expected, the most widely used instant messaging app WhatsApp is constantly making improvements to the messaging platform. Currently, they are gradually rolling out updates to its beta users that include new change number feature.

Presently, WhatsApp is currently improving on its Change Number feature for the major supported OS which are iOS, Android, and Windows phone. The feature works in a way that, when someone gets a new phone number or changes his/her phone number to a new one on WhatsApp, it automatically migrates all the user’s data to the new number keeping all the chat history and also adding the number to the groups that the old number was present and even notifying group members of the change.

With this feature been rolled out, users now have the option to choose if they want to notify some set of contacts or all the contacts they have. I kind of like this new feature because it will come in handy when users intend changing their number and want to notify their contacts without needing to write to the users one after the other telling them that they’ve changed the phone number. Users can simply choose the option to notify all contacts or not to notify anyone. Although, the groups that you belong to will always be notified of the number change.

Change Number feature
WhatsApp Change Number Feature

After the number migration, all your previous chat history will be transferred automatically to the new number which makes things a lot easier for users.

At least, with this new feature, you can secretly change your WhatsApp number without notifying your WhatsApp spy. 😉

The update is currently available for WhatsApp beta v2.18.97 of which you can easily download from Google Play Store for Android devices. iOS and windows phone users will get this feature in the next update.

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