Set Your Alarm To Go Off Sooner If The Traffic Or The Weather Is Bad (iOS)


Set Your Alarm To Go Off Sooner If The Traffic Or The Weather Is Bad (iOS)

A good morning routine has a little cushion time to compensate for unexpected delays that can occur, such as a longer than usual line at the café, or the train being slightly late. Where a minor cushion of time lets say 15 minutes can save you from being late to work or class, it can’t save you from a bad weather or a traffic jam. You will only wake up from your sleep when your alarm goes Off and only then will you tell if there is going to be an unusually long commute to work. Well, there is an app called Snorelax is available in the App Store and it cost $1.99.

The app will wake you up earlier if there is a bad weather or a traffic jam so you can get to class or work on time. The app allows you to program your desired destination, what time you need to arrive at your destination, and also enter how long it takes for you to get ready and takes care of the rest.

Now, install Snorelax and tell it how long it takes for you to get ready and the measurement units you would want to use for the distance and weather. You can always change these settings later in the app’s settings panel if you want to.


Snorelax has only four tabs, the home tab tells you the current weather, the alarms tab shows you all that you have added, the traffic tab shows you a possible traffic congestion, and the weather app gives you a short report about the weather. Tap the plus (+) button at the very top right to add a new alarm.


Snorelax now knows how long it takes for you to get prepared, but you still need to tell it what time you need to arrive at your desired destination you had set the alarm for. Next, you need to enter where you will depart from and also where you need to arrive at. The alarm will be set. Note that the app will not function if you have Do not disturb activated so you have to be sure it is disabled when your alarm is set to go Off. This is just the limitation imposed on the app by iOS.


Once the app detects a bad traffic or weather, it rings the alarm earlier so you can still have the same amount of time to get prepared and arrive at your desired destination on time.

Though the app depends on historical data on weather and traffic for it to estimate how long delay you can expect. It works in South America, North America, Europe, Australia, parts of Asia, Russia, Taiwan, UAE & Saudi Arabia. The app makes excellent use of historical traffic data and weather and also addresses an actual problem commuters face daily i.e. Arriving on time at work. It also prevents you from being late or lessen the chances of it.

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