Step To Get iOS 10 Emoji Prediction Feature On iOS 8 And Above


Get iOS 10 Emoji Prediction Feature On iOS 8 And Above

iOS 10 has got a new emoji feature that can predict and also detect which words in typed text can be replaced with an emoji. If this goes on, people will have to learn to read and also speak emoji. The demo which Apple gave at WWDC 2016 didn’t indicate if there was a translate feature included for translating text from emoji to your default language setting. If you’re excited about this feature and can’t wait to get your hands on it, then you need to give Emojifi Keyboard a try. Emojifi is a third-party keyboard that predicts an emoji to be inserted in a text in place of the word you’ve typed. It’s free to use but it also has a premium feature that allows you to copy and paste text and also individually select the emoji’s to replace in the text.

Now, install the Emojifi Keyboard and also add the keyboard, allow it to gain full access. Next, open any text app of your choice like WhatsApp, Messages. All you need to do is switch to Emojifi Keyboard and start Typing. Once the app detects one or numerous emojis that can replace a word, it will automatically suggest them in the text prediction bar. Now tap an emoji and it will replace the word it was shown for.

If you continue typing ahead without selecting an emoji, your words will remain unchanged. For you to insert an emoji, for instance, to replace the word “Pizza” like the screenshot below, all you need to do is to tap the emoji character before you continue typing anything after the word Pizza. The emoji always replaces the last word so if you already typed ahead and tap the emoji character a bit late, it may end up replacing the wrong word.


Emojifi Keyboard also has a premium added feature that allows you type out all your messages and then you can later choose which words to replace with the emoji. Though the free app offers this feature for a trail of 15days. To use it, copy the messages you’ve already typed to your device clipboard and tap the Transformer button just next to the space bar. The words that are highlighted are the ones you can replace with an emoji.

Emojifi-Keyboard1Emoji prediction

Emojifi Keyboard is a bit slow in predicting an emoji aside that it works just great. The premium feature goes for a token of $0.99. The app can also allow you add your own “tags” to an emoji. The tags tell the application what emoji should replace a certain word and it also allows you build your own emoji-dictionary.

Install Emojifi Keyboard From App Store


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