Samsung unveils it’s smartwatch patent that turns your hand into screen via projector



Smart-watches are actively gaining popularity among common gadget users. The only limitation that we come across while using the wearable is only the small screen. The limited screen size hinders the usage of the portable device to its fullest, but it cannot be made bigger or there won’t be any point of its existence. Thankfully, Samsung is working on a super cool new concept to get over the limited screen size issue in smart-watches.

A newly discovered patent by the company discloses a smartwatch concept with an inbuilt projector, which projects an extended screen on the user’s palm. The patent filing by Samsung made it clear that the projector would be clubbed with sensors and camera. The sensors would help in detecting the spot of wherever a user taps and the camera would assist in projecting the smartwatch user interface. Not just that, the wearable would be able to identify the shape of the user’s hand, which would help in the appropriate projection of the user interface regardless of the rough surface of the palm. It is remarkable to point out that the patent was filed in year 2014, but has been discovered recently.


As we can see in the screenshot below, the concept would use the wearer’s hand as the projection base. The extra space of the palm covered by some extra app features like the menu and the dial pad options. Even the users knuckles will be used as the projection base for additional app elements. We also believe that this new concept can be of a good use as it will optimize the use of smartwatches. It will also be an interactive aspect for the users and easier than struggling with a small screen size.


Having said all this, we all know that at the end of the day patents are just patents and there has been now confirmation on whether Samsung would actually bring up this kind of technology. There might be chances that the company might start working on the design and might even come up with a breakthrough smartwatch or they might decide to keep the patent under its filing may never work on the idea.

These patents are just a copyright so that no other company or its rivals in the mobile market takes up the idea. Though, we sincerely hope that Samsung will come up with such a wearable design soon.


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