YouTube Rewind 2018 now officially the ‘most disliked video’ Ever


The Youtube Rewind 2018 that was launched some couple of days ago (8days) had just become the most disliked video on Youtube, thanks to Bieber fans that did well to propelled it.

Youtube Rewind 2018 should have been a better video in the year 2018, the video would have shown how the year, 2018 all went down.

But the reverse is the case, it rather became the most disliked video with over 10million dislikes. The most interesting thing is that, in just a period of two days from the release date, the video became the second most disliked on Youtube.


Officially, the video overtook Justin Bieber’s song, ‘Baby’ which has around 10million dislikes. Remember that, it took Justin’s “Baby” 8-years to reach this.

A Youtube user made a post stating that “Justin must be feeling so relieved now,” and it had over 1,000 likes presently.

One major criticism we noticed is that Youtube even failed to feature the KSI v Logan Paul boxing match, and PewDiePie and other eye-catching web contents.

The Youtube Rewind 2018 is a normally an annual video that is made by YouTube which is supposed to highlight how the year went down, as a norm of YouTube.

Youtube Rewind 2018 is just an 8minutes video done which is done by YouTube’s marketing team to advertisers letting them know the necessity of putting community first.

However, the Youtube Rewind is all about highlighting the events of the year in a short video and it is made specifically to all ADVERTISERS. It should be nicknamed ‘Giant ad’ for next year!

Ever since the backlash emerged, the video has been summarized by several creators explaining the problem, and why it all went down in that manner. However, you can head over to Youtube to see other Youtube Rewind done by some creators.


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