MTN Facebook Zero Mode – Everything You Need to Know

Facebook Zero Mode has been around for quite some time now, although the service has been available to Airtel and 9Mobile users. Just recently, MTN has also decided to bring the Free Facebook service to its customers thereby allowing them to browse Facebook for free.
Facebook Zero is well optimized for speed – it is a lightweight version of the Facebook mobile site The site is made just for texts and does not have graphics or photos, and pages have been designed for performance and speed on the MTN’s network.
Before now, I know many of us will be asking if Facebook is free on MTN and the answer is YES.
According to them.
ΜΤΝ leads the way once again with Facebook Zero, the service that offers to all MTN subscribers FREE access to Facebook from their mobile phone! … Enjoy FREE unlimited access to Facebook Zero, by entering 0.facebook .com OR to your browser.
Having known these, let’s take a look at the Frequently asked questions regarding MTN Zero Mode and their answers.

To whom is Facebook Zero available?

The service is available to all MTN subscribers! Notwithstanding the plan you are MTN PayMonthly or ΜΤΝ PayAsYouGo subscriber, every MTN user have access to the Facebook freebasics service free of charge through the Facebook Zero service.

What features do I have with Facebook Zero?

With Facebook Zero users can:
  1. Update their status
  2. Send and receive messages for free
  3. Search Facebook (i.e. Friends, pages, groups)
  4. Add and accept a new friend request
  5. Write on their friends’ walls
  6. Browse through Facebook for free

What do I have to do to activate the service?

You don’t need any additional settings or configuration to activate the service. All you have to do is enter the web address or in your web browser, (without the www). And there you go.

Is there a monthly fee for Facebook Zero?

The answer is Yes and No! The Facebook Zero service is been offered by MTN Nigeria is somewhat free of charge to all MTN users although users are been allocated a 20 MB data per day to access the service.

Do I have to pay anything when using Facebook Zero?

The answer is No! Facebook Zero is absolutely free of charge to all MTN users but it is capped at 20 MB/day
However, if you decide to navigate away from the or homepage (i.e. if you decide to view a photo or a video displayed on the facebook zero page), then the normal browsing rates will apply or else it won’t display.

Why can’t I see any photos or videos when using Facebook Zero?

This is because Facebook Zero is a text-based version of Facebook. Photos, videos or any other external content is uploaded on Facebook as a link (url).
If you decide to view them, then the normal browsing fee will apply.

Can I have access to Facebook Zero from any mobile device?

The answer is yes. All Smartphones or mobile devices with supported browsers all have access to Facebook Zero. There are a few exceptions though such as some old mobile devices and specific web browsers maybe not load the pages correctly.

I am only using Facebook Zero but my account got charged. Why?

If this happens then there might only be two reasons for it.
  1. It is either you navigated away from the normal Facebook Zero homepage to other websites or links.
  2. You enabled data to enter Facebook Zero and you triggered data traffic from other applications that are running in your device background.

Will I have free access to Facebook Zero while I am abroad?

It depends. Facebook Zero is available to selected countries, so if you traveled to a country where Facebook Zero is not supported then you will be charged based on the standard roaming rates.
For more information, you can visit any MTN outlet or call the MTN Call Center at 180.

How to use MTN Facebook Zero on the Facebook mobile app.

  1. First, download the Facebook lite app from Google PlayStore and launch.
  2. Make sure you don’t have any active data plan on your sim.
  3. Once the app loads, it will show you a message telling you You’ve run out of data with an option to get free data.

MTN Facebook zero

  1. Now, click on the Agree checkbox to accept the terms and conditions of the MTN Facebook zero and click on the GET FREE DATA to begin.
  2. You will be taken to a screen, saying You have purchased data available. Just click on the checkbox that says Don’t ask again for the next 30 days and click Use data to begin surfing Facebook for free.

I really commend MTN for bringing this service to its customers. At least it can serve for a while when someone does not have any active data plan and needs to communicate to their loved ones.
However, if you feel this won’t serve you for a day, you can check out the new MTN offer of 1.2GB for 500 that works for all devices.
What do you think about this? Please spread the word by sharing to friends on Facebook and other platforms.


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