Latest Leak Shows How The Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Iris Scanner Works


Latest Leak Shows How The Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Iris Scanner Works

In one of our previous reports about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we made mention of an iris scanner which will be an alternative method to unlock the device. Well, the latest leak seen on Weibo also confirms that.

samsung galaxy note 7 iris scanner

One of the leaked images we saw came with an instructional screen that gives information on how to successfully unlock the device with the iris scanner, and another image also shows what the phone would look like the moment the iris scanner is switched on.

samsung galaxy note 7 leakSamsung galaxy note 7 iris step

According to the guide, the device distance between the user’s face should be around 25-35 centimeters, and also ensuring that the users’ eyes are positioned exactly to point directly towards the two circles at the very top of the screen, as soon as this step is completed, the iris recognition procedure will begin and the phone will be unlocked.

Although the option to unlock the device with the fingerprint scanner is not completely eliminated, users can always access it through the home button. Some claims from a Zauba listing that said the device will be water resistant this is due to an unconfirmed IP68 certification rumors, thereby making it the first in the Galaxy Note series to have that feature. The device is also expected to come with either the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 or Exynos chipset processor.

It is likely that users will start procuring the device as of August 2nd, that same day the device would be revealed at the Unpacked 2016 event. With this strategy it will also help the Korean company meet up with the upcoming 2016 Olympics, which will kick off on August 5th. The price of the device is yet to be announced.


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