Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offer Expires In 15 Days [Upgrade Now]


Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offer Expires In 15 Days

Microsoft Windows 10 OS was offered to both Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC users as a free upgrade though the upgrade had an expiration date and that date seem to be only two weeks away from now. The free upgrade will be expiring on July 29, 2016, we have just three days before the Anniversary Update is set to be rolled out. If you were in any way holding out for the Anniversary Update before you make a choice to upgrade, well, that is not an option.

The Anniversary Update is said to fix a lot of bugs and also introduce several new features on board, including Windows Ink, but with this update there is no option to try before you buy. If you are interested about the features, then you need to try running a preview build. If you are actually concerned about the system stability, well, there isn’t much expected except you upgrade to Windows 10 now and you can decide to downgrade it later of you think the OS isn’t running smoothly as you expected.

windows 10 free upgrade timer

Microsoft has got a dedicated page that shows a countdown for when the free upgrade ends. Though, the countdown is basically meant for businesses, but also applies to individuals too. If you have in any way blocked all updates that forced you to upgrade to Windows 10 or download the update, the easiest and quickest way to upgrade now is simply by using the Media Creation Tool.

Once you launch the tool, all you have to do is simply select the option that says “Upgrade this PC now” when prompted. The free upgrade process will begin as expected.

windows 10 media tool

If, after the Anniversary Update and you feel like Windows 10 isn’t perfect for you, you can always roll back the upgrade from the Settings App. To do this, open the Settings App and go to Update & Security > Backup and look for the option that says Go back and restore option. Note: when you upgrade to Windows 10, a Windows old folder will automatically be created in your drive C path. This folder contains all the necessary files the OS needs to roll back the update so make sure you don’t delete it simply because it is taking up so much space.

windows 10 roll back settings

The update roll back also has a time limit that allows you downgrade to either Windows 7 or 8 within a period of month after upgrading to Windows 10. Once the month expires, Windows 10 will automatically remove the Windows old folder and also the restore option from the Settings app will disappear

View The Time Left Until The Free Windows 10 Upgrade Expires.

Download The Microsoft Media Creation Tool To Enable You Upgrade To Windows 10




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