How to Import Your Notes And Notebooks From Evernote To OneNote


Import Your Notes And Notebooks From Evernote To OneNote

Just recently the price tag on Evernote plus and its Premium plans has been increased. Evernote is said to be one of the most popular apps to take notes and it has been around for some time now with a very wide range of users. Not only has the price tag on its paid plan been raised, it has also limited the number of devices which can be shared on a single account on the free user plan.

If by chance you are looking to jump over to an affordable, and different service like Microsoft OneNote your main concern will be on retaining all your currently saved notes and also making sure you don’t have to reorganize them all over again. Luckily, Microsoft has got a simple tool which allows you do all this. Though the Evernote to OneNote import tool has been released since March this year and it is also still in beta version but it works really amazing.

Now to import all your notebooks and notes from Evernote to OneNote, all you need do is to install Evernote on your desktop. You need to download the Evernote to OneNote import tool and launch it. It will ask you to accept its EULA, after accepting, it will look for Evernote’s files on your system. You can as well choose to allow the tool search for the files or if you have exported your data from the Evernote application itself you can select the file by clicking on the “Import a file instead”. Also note that if you are importing a file, you don’t need to have the Evernote application installed in your system.


The tool will now prompt you to sign in into the Microsoft account you used with OneNote. You will also have an option to retain the tags which you applied to your previous notes and notebooks or to leave them when the data is imported.


The import takes a while though it depends on how many notes you have and also if they include pictures. As soon as the data has been imported, it will automatically be synchronized to OneNote. If you already have the OneNote application installed on your system you might see the files sooner than you would do on the web app.


OneNote comes in built with Windows 10 and it will likely be the go-to note taking application and service any user of Evernote who really want to jump over after the price tag hike.

Download Evernote to OneNote Import Tool


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