Android N is officially called Android Nougat, expected to Launch This Summer


Android N is officially called Android Nougat

Wow the wait is over! Google has official revealed the name of its much talked about Android N, which stands for Android Nougat. Though, we are much sad as we voted for Nutella.


Google took to snapchat for unleashing the name. For people who are unaware, Nougat is a dessert made from honey or sugar, nuts, and egg white. In summary, Google had earlier carried out an online poll for deciding the name to be given to Android N. This latest dessert themed version of Android is expected to come along with new features onboard. VR enhancements, Improved notification slider, and split screen multitasking are said to be one of the features set to come along on the latest version of Android. And also, Doze mode which came with Android Marshmallow will be getting a performance boost. The final release of the Android N OS will happen during the third quarter of this year 2016.

Android n

The Android Nougat: Expected version number and release

Google has not revealed the Android Nougat version number yet. Android Nougat is most likely to be version 7.0 as the Marshmallow version is 6.0. Interestingly, Google has also installed an Android Nougat statue on the lawn of its Mountain View, in California headquarters. The established figure of the said Android Nougat at Google headquarters looks very much like the one in the image above.



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