Hide Your Facebook Updates From Your Timeline Before Posting Them


Hide Your Facebook Updates From Your Timeline Before Posting Them

Anytime you post a new update on Facebook, it also appears in all your friends “News Feed” both on your timeline as well. Everybody that follows you will also see the update and anyone that visits your profile will also get to see it as well, this only works provided your privacy settings allow them to.

If by chance you are wondering what actually is the difference between the timeline and the News Feed, let’s say, the News Feed is everything you post. It’s the news that get delivered to all your followers. While the Timeline can be said to be a sequential set of important events in your life. Though this does not really include all your posts but will usually include posts that your friends engage with you and any other major life events you include.

Facebook just recently rolled out a feature which allows you exclude an update from showing in your Timeline before been posted. See how it works.

Open your Facebook News Feed and compose a new update. Immediately you start typing, you will see a newly added option below that says “Hide From Your Timeline”. Now check this option, compose your update and post it. What this does is that all your followers and friends will see the update in their News Feed but it won’t appear on your Timeline notwithstanding if a friend, someone you are not connected to or someone that follows you, visits your profile page.

This feature is actually going to be useful in the sense that, if you are posting a photo that you don’t really want everyone to be able to see it easily, although you can always make use of the smart lists on Facebook to set their visibility.


If you would like to hide any of your previous posts from your appearing on your Timeline, all you need do is go to your Profile page and look for the exact post you want to hide. Next, click on the little arrow button at the very top right and select “Hide from Timeline”.


This feature seems to have been rolled out to users for the past few days. But if you don’t see the option just yet, this means you might wait for some time for it to be rolled to your end.


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