How To Save MS Excel 2016 Graph To A PDF File


PDF is the format to use when you want to publish your documents online. PDF is easily one of the most popular file types found online and it is used to publish not just documents but also it can be used to publish presentations, reports, and catalogs. The issue with a PDF file is that while the format is extremely popular the application that lets you create or edit it, Adobe Acrobat Reader, is rarely used. For the most part, other apps like Photoshop are used to compile a PDF file and export to the format. Owing to the format’s recognition a lot of applications support exporting to PDF and Microsoft Office is no different. You can simply create a document in Microsoft Word and export it as a PDF file. Equally you can export an Excel sheet to PDF. If you’re looking to export just a single graph or chart and not the entire worksheet to PDF here is how to do just that.
Open the Microsoft Excel file you want to export a graph from or open a new file and create your new graph.  Now select the graph you want to export. You don’t need to choose the data columns which the graph is generated from but if they auto-select, you need not be bothered.



With just the chart you have selected, click on File> click on Save As then select “PDF”  from the “Save as type” dropdown menu. Now name the file and click Save.


The chart will now be exported to a PDF file. You can export several charts from Excel to a single PDF file but you must take care to organize them in the right order in Excel first. The charts must not overlap each other or should they be misaligned or they will export in much the same layout.


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