Opera Touch Browser Launches For Mobile And Desktop


A few days ago, Opera announced the discontinuation of Opera VPN and now they have launched a new app called Opera Touch browser.

Opera Touch browser is very different from the normal Opera mobile browser that we used to know. Opera Touch is designed specifically to work with any desktop and mobile device.

Opera Touch browser
Opera Touch

Opera Touch browser is very easy to use, you can use one hand to surf comfortably with it. Opera Touch features a quick access button to the bookmarks, Speed Dial, the back and reload/kill page buttons, and the currently open tabs.

As soon as you open the browser, it automatically opens up the address bar for you to begin typing a URL or a search query. Also, when you’re on a webpage, scrolling up will display a button at the very bottom of the page that you can tap to quickly access your other open tabs or even start a new one.

Opera Touch browser also has a feature that allows users to push websites from their mobile phone to their desktop browser, or vice versa so far as you’re making use of Opera on both platforms. Some of that happens automatically (a “continue from computer” option will pop up when you open a new tab on mobile), but if you want a site to transfer over, you can do that using a feature Opera calls “Flow.”

The function of Flow is to create a feed of websites that you’ve shared previously from one platform to the other that you can quickly scroll back to find what you’re looking for.

Opera Touch also features a voice search functionality and it allows users to scan a QR or barcode to perform a search query.


Fast Action Button (FAB) is an added button that gives you access to it all. The FAB button is located at the very bottom of the browser screen and it gives you direct access to the most recent tabs and search features.

How To Download Opera Touch Browser?

Opera Touch browser is currently available to download on the Google Play Store here, while IOS users will have to wait for a while for it to arrive in the AppStore.

Via Opera Blog


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