There is a WhatsApp Video Call Scam Being Passed Around Lately


It’s no more news that WhatsApp now also supports video calls. It has been rolled out worldwide and everybody is eligible, all you have to do is to update the app to the latest version.

There is a scam message being passed around on the WhatsApp platform that thoroughly misleads users on how to get this video call feature. A link to a website is included in the WhatsApp message that asks you to enable the video call feature by sharing the given link to your friends and in groups.


The link i.e. ( will redirect you to a website that does nothing but will only trick you into clicking a button to invite your friends and afterward sending you back to another sponsored link.
It will first show you a fake progress bar that claims to enable the video call feature.


You’ll be later asked to share this link with your friends and also WhatsApp groups. If by chance you receive this message on WhatsApp, it will be a good idea that you just ignore the message and educate the sender. The only way to get the WhatsApp video call feature is by visiting the AppStore or PlayStore and update the app to the latest version.

If you don’t see the feature yet, it will hit your device in a few days. WhatsApp has as of now said this will be a staged rollout. Everybody is eligible, you don’t need to invite anybody to get the video call feature and it’s totally free.



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