How To Scan And Digitize Your Old Photographs With Your SmartPhone


Digital cameras, when they first showed up on racks, were costly. It took a while for them to get less expensive and for phones on cameras to get improved. The vast majority of people kept on using standard film cameras for capturing the special occasions in their lives. The photos were developed and either put in bulky albums or set away in shoe boxes. Digital cameras and smartphones have made point and shoot cameras out of date yet they didn’t dispose of our old photos. Those, at the time costly to create memories, were printed on a standard 4×6 photographic sheet and they live in our little storage spaces. You can scan them to save a digital duplicate however that is a significant tedious task. Google has just recently released another application called PhotoScan that gives you a chance to use your phone to scan and digitize your old photos.

Here’s the way it works.

Take out your case of old photographs. If you’ve placed them in an album, there’s no need to remove them if the photograph isn’t obscured.

Lay the photograph on a level surface. Ensure it doesn’t curl at the corners. Open the application and position the photograph inside the viewer. Tap the capture button.

Try not to leave the application or let the photograph leave the viewer after you have captured it. Four guiding circles will show up on the photo with a target circle in the center. Move your phone and position the target circle inside the guides. wait for it to complete the process of handling and after that continue to the next one.


Once you’ve scanned every one of the four circles, the application will process your photograph. Tap the little circle at the bottom right to see the scanned photographs and save the ones you need.

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The application scans the photographs quite great. They should have been scanned in an appropriate flat-bed scanner. It has flash support on the off chance that you require it while capturing the photograph however, we don’t suggest utilizing it since it includes glare.

Install PhotoScan From AppStore

Install PhotoScan From Google PlayStore


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