How To Quickly Start & Stop Windows Services Without The Task Manager


Windows and the applications installed on your system runs a lot of different services in the background. Many of these services are essential to the Operating System or the application’s working and they are best left to do what they are intended for. If however you find need to monitor, start, and stop a specific service or program running in Windows frequently you might not want to frequently go through the Task Manager to do so always. My Windows Service Panel is a free and open source application that lets you select Windows services you want to track and stop or start them from a dedicated panel.

Install My Windows Service Panel and run it. My Windows Service Panel  will have to check and to if MYSQL server is already running on your system or not. Click the cog wheel button just at the bottom right and you will go straight to the select services window panel. Right here you can see a broad list of services that were already running and are still running on your system. If you need to add a service to the main panel for checking, turn the switch next to the service’s name in the ‘Selected’ panel to On. In the screenshot attached below, We have decided to observe Adobe Acrobat Update Service and Apple Mobile Device Service.

task manager

The services you selected for observing will display up in the main panel with an On or Off switch, and their current status that is Running or Stopped. To switch off a service, you need only to turn the switch next to it Off. The “Running” status of the service will be switched to “Stopped”.

task manager

My Windows Service Panel is, as the name suggests, a dashboard dedicated completely to Windows Services. Additionally, it lets you select the services it should display, so you don’t have to go through the stress of a long lists of services in the Task Manager simply to know their recent status or to turn them On/Off. For individual users testing or troubleshooting an app or the OS, this is quite handy.

Download My Windows Service Panel


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