WhatsApp Partners With Google To Offer Unlimited Backup Storage


This seems to be a very good news to more than 1billion WhatsApp users out there as Google and Facebook have agreed to offer free unlimited WhatsApp backup on google drive.

WhatsApp is formally informing all its users that due to a new agreement with Google, WhatsApp backups will no longer count against Google Drive storage quota.

WhatsApp backup

Until now, any WhatsApp data that was backed up onto Google’s Drive was initially counted toward the space you had available in the cloud. But the Facebook-owned company have agreed on a deal with Google to make those backups completely free for its users, even while staying inside your seemsaccount.

This new changes will take effect starting from November 12, 2018.

Also, all WhatsApp backups that haven’t been updated or backed up in more than one year will be automatically removed from the Google Drive storage, so always make sure you manually back up your WhatsApp data before November 12 if you don’t want to lose it.



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