Say Allo To Google’s New Messaging App; Google Continues To Struggle With Instant Messaging App


Say Allo To Google’s New Messaging App

Google has just released its new instant messaging app called Allo. For many years now, Google has been Struggling to create a chat app to rival the established messaging platforms, but all their efforts have been met with failures. Google is yet to create a platform that will rival the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

With Allo Messenger, Google is giving it a try once more but it’s unsure if the app is going to be the next trend. There’s a plethora of messaging already available. The users on iOS tend to stick with iMessage since that’s the do all app for SMS and its Apple’s very own instant messaging app ‘iMessage’. Even though iMessage works only between iOS users, the smooth and flexible fallback to SMS when sending messages to a non-Apple device makes it very great.

Allo is also a cross-platform messaging app and Google might get things right this time around.

Allo is not yet available in Google Play Store but anyone that wants to give it a try can get it from APK Mirror to see how it looks like. Allo looks very promising and it might get iMessage users to consider using it because of the pretty features and cross-platform compatibility.

Google Allo

And just like WhatsApp functions, you just need to your phone number to register, you don’t even need a Google account. It also has a smart assistant that makes messaging fun for its users.

Although, the SMS fallback is implemented in a way that isn’t so great.

There isn’t a seamless SMS integration like that of Hangouts. When Allo is unable to send a message through Allo and the message is being sent as a text message, the message is sent through a proxy number (for some users). People hoped for a do-all messaging app that will fully integrate SMS.

Google’s approach towards instant messaging seems somewhat confusing. From Hangouts to Messenger, now its Allo. This might not even be the last one to be introduced.

If you can’t find it on Play Store you can get the APK here



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