The World’s First Smart Candle Can Glow At The Command Of Your Smartphone


World’s First Smart Candle Can Glow At The Command Of Your Smartphone

In a bid in protecting regions all over the world where kerosene is still their major source of lighting from unsafe fumes, LuDela has created a smart candle that can be controlled with a smartphone app.

The said candle produces real flames just like the normal candle and is made up of a candle shell, silicone contraption, paraffin-free wax and a non-toxic wick. And according to the company, the flame is formed via four electric nodes that help ignite the wick by Wi-fire technology. A fan is also attached near the wick that helps put out the candle.

Users are able to control the fire to produce a particular effect as the app has different scene modes. Users can also use the app to remotely light and extinguish the candle or control multiple candles the same time. In an unsafe situation, LuDela candle will automatically extinguish. An alert will be sent to your smartphone if there is an emergency and the candle can also be protected with a password.

There are a wide variety of body styles and scents users can choose from with a candle exterior that won’t melt. The candle can be refilled and its offered by the company at an undisclosed price. The batteries of the candle only need recharging every 6 months which help keep the smart features and Bluetooth connectivity functioning.

The company also has the plan to add a voice control feature in the nearest future. The smart candle is available for pre-order at the LuDela official website for $99.



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