How To Upload A 360° Photo To Facebook


Facebook have been supporting 360° videos for long now and it’s no secret that the company is vested in virtual reality. With the 360° videos, you could not get in on the action that much except you have the right device to record one. Most users are only allowed to watch them but are not being able to record their own. Facebook has just rolled out 360° photos which allows you get in on actions. This feature takes photos captured as panoramas and then uploads it in a 360° format. Your friends are able to pan around the image like they do with the videos and look around. Before, Facebook treated panoramic photos like it did on the others. Here is how to upload 360° photos.

You don’t require an extra hardware for you take a panoramic photo but your device must as well support it. Most devices have this feature built in the default camera application. For devices that do not have this native support, you can try your luck on other third party panorama applications. Google’s Street View and Camera360 aren’t bad just to name a few. The iPhone 4s series and above will allow you capture a panorama and Google’s default Camera application also has a panorama mode as well.


Simply take a panorama photo and upload it to Facebook like you do with any other photo. It’s now left for Facebook to convert it to a 360° photo that your Facebook friends can pan around. This feature is rolling out slowly and if for any reason your photo doesn’t convert right away, then it might be that the feature is not yet available just yet. Give it a few days. A 360° photo will also have a compass icon on it to identify it. Click on the photo and pan around it using your cursor. If you are impatient to explore some of these photos out, take a look at NASA’s awesome images of the International Space Station.

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