How To Access The Old Windows XP App Switcher In Windows 10


Windows 7 was indeed a very popular version of Windows and people were unwilling to upgrade to Windows 8 after it was launched. Windows 10 resolved so many of the weakness in Windows 8 and ever since it was released many people have updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10. When you look very closely at it today, many people compare the acceptance ratio of Windows 10 from Windows 7 to see how accepted the newly updated Windows version is. With that said, Windows XP was indeed a version of Windows that was equally if not more common than Windows 7.  Up till today, a lot of people still use it and its elimination is likely going to be credited to applications no longer been supported by it rather than people wanting to give it up. Google Chrome has already declined support for the ancient Operating System. Windows XP was very popular not just because it was extremely stable, well built and well-made, but also because the User Interface was pretty cool. If you are sentimental for Windows XP you might be delighted to know that you can still access the old Windows XP app switcher interface in Windows 10. Here’s how to go about it.

Press & Hold down the left Alt key without releasing it and press and release or tap the right Alt key just once. Without letting go of the left Alt key, now press the Tab key and you will see the old Windows XP app switcher will pop up.  You can use the tab key, press, and release, to move through the open apps.

app switcher

This tiny trick works just fine on Windows 7 both on Windows 10 so we are willing to stake it will work on Windows 8 too. Using this method for switching applications on your desktop is likely going to come down to your preference for a specific look. The default Alt+Tab works just fine and it provides a thumbnail preview of the app you are switching to but it can certainly get a little crowded if you have one or many apps opened while working with your PC. You might possibly choose this app switcher simply because it is faster. We also did observe that it fails to produce an app icon for Modern User Interface applications which might mean the ancient app switcher is still in Windows 10 by coincidence rather than purpose.


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