Adjust The Focus After Taking A Photo On Your iPhone


iPhone’s have one of the best cameras you can find on mobile smartphones. iPhone camera’s does not only captures  stunning photos but also often out performs some stand alone digital cameras. It is no surprise that a lot of iPhone users take a tons of photos. Live Focus is a freshly iOS app available in the Apple Store for a token of $1.99 and it is absolutely wonderful. The app allows you take photos and re-adjust the focus afterwards. Your phone must be running the current iOS 9 and above to be able to use the app.

Now install Live Focus app and permit it to have access to your camera and your photos. Point it at any object you want to photograph and put the object in focus for as long as the Live Focus app says. It will not be more than a few seconds. You will realize the object in focus will be going in and out of focus as the photo is been captured. You can also take as many photos as you want and later re-edit the focus after.All the photos will still remain in the app until you have exported or saved them to your photo’s app.

If you want to adjust the focus, you will need to use the slider at the bottom of the photo, or better still click the photos button at the top right to go straight to edit a previous photo.


When you are satisfied with what you have gotten, click the check mark button, and then click the “Share” button to save it to your photo library. Live Focus app also has a cool GIF feature that can save a photo going in and out of focus as a GIF to your photo library.

Install Live Focus From The App Store


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