A Powerful Social Media Has Been Launched in Nigeria



Nigeria has come a long way in terms of Information & technology. Just like the popular saying goes, “we no dey carry last for anything”. There has been something that a lot of Nigerians and Africa as a whole have been trying to achieve for a long period of time, but with the restrictions, and that’s creating a website that has features like Facebook. It is like all the social networking sites or community can only be built by the whites. Although, some years back, some group of South African programmers programmed an application called 2go, but that cannot be compared to Facebook in terms of features and simplicity.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn had been created for a long time now, by the Whites, and now, I want to  introduce to you a very new but powerful social network wish was launched few months ago by a young gifted Nigerian. It is called Mitplanet. You can sign up by visiting the site at http://www.mitplanet.com and start having fun with it. For now, the site doesn’t give a full support to any of the mini browsers like opera mini and Uc mini, they recommend the following browsers.

Google Chrome
Opera (not the mini)
Uc Browser

What Makes this Mitplanet Unique?
Below are the top four features.
1) Send an invitation message to your friends in other social media networks like Twitter, Google+, et al. During or after the SignUp process. (while That of Facebook friend’s invitation is still being worked upon).
2) Get latest breaking news at Supersports.com, Goals.com, Aljazeera.com, et al, will show up in the news section of Mitplanet. Now you wouldn’t need to open other tabs to check for latest news update while you are already  logged in in Mitplanet, because you’ve got everything there.
3) You can as well be able to import all your photos from Flickr, Instagram, and Picasa even without uploading afresh. This is good  for saving your megabyte also. The CEO of Mitplanet promised to add Facebook photo upload later.
4) When viewing it from the desktop version, you can filter your search query, when sorting for new people.

For now these are the top four working features. The CEO of Mitplanet has earlier promised even more greater features to be launched very soon.

You can become a member of MitPlanet Socia Media now @ www.mitplanet.com/signup


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