Use Your iPhone To Solve Handwritten Math Problems


We now live in a period where you can use your phone and point it at a text and it will automatically be translated to any language of your choice which you can understand. There is an app named PhotoMath which allows you to point your iPhone at an Algebraic equation inside your textbook and the app will help you solve it and then we also have another app called MathPix. It is free iOS app that can help you solve handwritten math problems and also algebraic equations. It can also plot the algebraic equations on a graph.

Go to to the Apple Store and Install Mathpix and permit it to have access your camera. In the apps in built camera view finder, you will need to resize the white box to fit around the particular equation you want it to solve. The app will now capture the exact part you want to solve and then analyze it for various mathematical symbols. A square outline will appear just around each of the integer, including symbol, and variables in the equation as the application looks to identify them.

The solved solution will be given in two forms; which is the solution/simplification of the equation and the equation itself will be mapped out on a graph. The graph can be exported & saved to Dropbox, iCloud or your photo library.


As much as i love the functions of Mathpix, I really wish it was made for more than only solving problems one get as home work. It can only identify equations if it is written like the one above.

Install Mathpix From The App Store





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