How To Automatically Close The Edge Browser When Windows 10 Opens It


Automatically Close The Edge Browser When Windows 10 Opens It

Microsoft is forcefully pushing the Edge browser to its users. With the current preview builds, it has undone the little hacks which users had in place to route the Cortana’s searches over Google and their choice of browser. It is more or less a pull of war at current with Windows 10 demanding that anything Cortana searches for should be routed through the Edge browser and its users are consistently saying No to that.

For a lot of people Cortana is just a quick method to search for an application but it will mostly turn in to a query to a web search and if you unintentionally click it, Edge browser will open.

Now i introduce to you Edge Blocker, it is a very portable application that will close the Edge browser automatically anytime it opens by is a portable application that will automatically close Edge browser whenever it opens either by mistake or by Windows.

Now download the Edge blocker and after that launch the application. Click on the “Block” button and minimize the application. If by accident Edge browser opens, the Edge blocker will automatically close it.

edge browser

To be sincere, the Edge Blocker is not without its weaknesses. which is anytime you minimize the application, it will continue to appear on the Task bar instead of it minimizing to the system tray.

And it is also a bit slow at closing the Edge browser. The browser window will open and you will see a big blue loading screen before the Edge Blocker closes it.

There is still room for improving on it but if Microsoft continues to constantly push the unwanted browser to users, then these little applications will become popular despite their disadvantages.

The present state of Edge browser on the preview builds is not quite encouraging. Permitted the Edge browser is going to be a half-baked version on the preview build, it is still disappointing.

In Preview Build 14342, it is almost not possible to use and for a newly browser that has been around for almost just a year now that isn’t favorable.

Download Edge Blocker For Windows


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