How to change the main Google account on your Android phone


change the main Google account on your Android phone

Using your Android phone to check your calendar and also your emails often requires you to connect your work Google account with your device. Generally, this is very easy to do. You only need to create an extra Google account on your phone, select what you would want to synchronized and your good to go.

Though, for some unidentified reasons, some people experienced an unexpected switch of their account which is the primary Google account on their phone, thereby making their university or work email the phone’s main account. What do we mean by “primary account”? well the primary Google account is used for voice commands, Google Now card as well as all the searches made with Google. Most especially the fact that all the searches been made go through the main Google account presents a privacy issue if any of your personal searches are been performed with your school or work email. With all these, switching your accounts may lead to Google Now not functioning properly. Getting the error that “Google Now is turned off for your domain.” Shows that your accounts have been switched to another account.

How to switch your primary Google account

Switching back to the default setup in which your private account will be the primary account and your work or school account will be the secondary one is very simple. Now follow these steps below:

  1. Open your Google settings (either by opening the Google settings app or from your phone’s settings).
  2. Go to Search & Now > Accounts & privacy.
  3. Now, click “Google Account” on the top and select the one you would prefer to be the primary account for Google Now and Search.

google account

And That’s it! I hope this short guide was helpful. If you encounter any issues feel free to comment below.



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