Teaser Shows HMD Global Planning The Return of Nokia X


A few days ago, I saw a concept design of the new Nokia X that I’m not sure if HMD Global will ever think of bringing to the limelight. But today, it seems the Nokia X will be launched on the 27th of April.


For a few that are not aware, Nokia X was actually the first Nokia Android smartphone that doesn’t really worth calling an Android phone. The device was announced at the World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) on the 24th February 2014. The phones UI looks just like a windows phone but we are anticipating something more unique and different this time around.

Nokia X
Nokia X

An Android smartphone that never felt like an Android phone is a complete failure. In other words, you can call this Nokia failure that is hidden from the public because Nokia wouldn’t want anyone to remember this. However, HMD Global is currently making preparations to bring back the Nokia X to the market.

Photos have emerged online and it also revealed that HMD Global will be having a launch event on April 27 in China, and guess what? The device to be launched is the Nokia X. The photos that emerged online shows a billboard post with two phones crossed at each other to make up the Nokia X.


The Nokia X Specifications

From what I have seen so far from the photos, the device will come with a 2.5D curved display and a metal body. I actually don’t know if the specifications will be the same with the Nokia X concept design or ZEISS branding.


I also don’t know if the device will be a midrange device or a flagship device. With how the whole thing is going, I can’ even say if it will be called Nokia X or 10. But all I know is that it will be called X or 10. I don’t think HMD Global will ever disappoint. Because we all know that the higher the number the more it will be equipped with mouthwatering specs.



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