Facebook Messenger to Allow Users Unsend Messages


Recently, Mark Zuckerberg and his other executives retracted messages from their receiver’s inboxes. This feature is not yet available to everyone on Facebook messenger.


Facebook earlier confirmed that users will soon be able to unsend messages, and now, they are already planning on how to build this product. In any case, this feature will not be coming anytime soon and might take several months before it arrives.


Many Facebook users have come to realize that there should be a need for users to ‘unsend’ messages and this feature should be made available to everyone considering the company’s actions as a breach of trust to its users. After TechCrunch’s story went live Facebook has issued a statement that confirms plans to make the Unsend feature available to everyone using the Facebook Messenger in the coming months.

Facebook Messenger Unsend Messages

However, the sole reason that made Facebook allow Mark Zuckerberg and the other executives to “Unsend” their sent messages was to protect their communications from being hacked after Sony Pictures emails got hacked four years ago.


The company also stated that it would no longer retract the messages of executives until the unsend feature becomes available to everyone.


However, Facebook did not disclose any given time as to when the feature will be rolling out or how the whole implementation process of the unsend feature will look like. According to TechCrunch report, the possible solution will be in a way that the sender will have an option to set a timer, and once the timer runs out, the message will automatically vanish from both parties’ inbox just like how Mark Zuckerberg’s messages were retracted.


Also, we can recall that Facebook is the owner of WhatsApp and this said feature is already available on WhatsApp messenger, so it will be a welcome development if this feature comes to Facebook Messenger.

Source: TechCrunch


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