Huawei Set To Launch A Phone With Massive 512GB Internal Storage


Have you ever thought of using a phone with a massive 512GB internal storage? Or what will you do with a 512GB internal storage smartphone? Well, Huawei is here to change the game plan for smartphones and no doubt, it’s true that Huawei is working on a smartphone with a massive 512GB internal storage.

The device was first seen on TENAA with model number NEO-AL00 with a 6GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage. With this kind of storage space, you don’t even need to think of using an external SD card on the phone. The phone is more or less like an external hard-disk, the only difference is that it can make and receive phone calls and also do what a smartphone is expected to do.

Huawei 512GB Internal Storage
Huawei Smartphone

Reports reaching us is that the device may be launched as a limited-edition Huawei MateRS Porsche Design.

There is no given information on the supposed specifications for now. The only thing we know is that it might likely come as a rebranded Mate 10 Pro. No notable information on the device release date, however, Huawei is planning to unveil its P20 series on the 27th of March.

512GB internal storage is just an insane amount of storage space from the usual 256GB that present phones like the iPhone X can offer. 512GB of internal storage is even bigger than most of the MacBook Pro models and it will allow you to even download the Facebook app of (400) more than 1,200 times.

This really shows that the era of large storage phones has begun. Phone producers are now targeting larger storage space and RAM sizes to make smartphones as fast as PCs. Nowadays, a massive amount of storage space in smartphones is quite fun as this will be very useful for recording 4K videos since every minute of a 4K footage takes about 1GB.


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