WhatsApp Group Description Feature Now Available For Android And iOS


WhatsApp recently updated its Messenger app to add some improvements to the group chat. WhatsApp for Android and iOS has gotten several new updates lately that focus on usability of the group chat. They’ve added a group description feature to make things easier for users to recognize the purpose of every group.

Here is the breakdown of the recent activities of the updated WhatsApp Group description feature.

Users now have the ability to add a group description to the group. This was debuted on the beta versions for WhatsApp for Android and Windows Phone. The update also comes with a feature that allows users to search for group participants directly from the Group Info screen. Users can also be able to switch from a voice call to a video call by tapping a button.

WhatsApp Group Chat Features


The group description is available on the chat screen as a pinned box and it is also visible when inviting someone to the group via the group’s link. This said feature was originally part of the WhatsApp beta on Android and Windows Phone but I’m glad it’s now available to all WhatsApp users.

To add a group description, simply go to the group info screen and tap the “Add Group Description” option just below the group name. The description can take up to 512 characters including smileys.


Group Description


Also, there is a search bar on the group info screen that let users search through the list of participants. The updated WhatsApp for Android also comes with a feature that easily allows users to switch between a voice calls and video calls. When making a voice call there is a video call button that appears just next to the voice call button and when tapped will automatically switch to video call and vice versa. The features are been rolled out to both Android and iOS users so if you’re yet to see the newly added features then you might want to go the Google PlayStore or AppStore to update your app to the most recent version.

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