How To Easily Get Your Current Location When Calling For Help [Android]


Smartphone producers and telecom providers have warned against depending on your phone if there should be an emergency. Despite the fact that smartphone innovation has improved exponentially over the years, and telecom providers are continually working to enhance their services they aren’t 100% dependable. Your phone’s battery could die or you may all of a sudden discover you can’t get any coverage. All things considered, smartphones can still assistant you if they’re working right in an emergency. Often, when calling for help, giving an exact location is outstandingly important. Google has a flawless feature in the Dialer application that gives you your current location when calling for help.

To get your current location when calling for help, you should be running at most version 9 of the Google phone app. You can update it from the Google Play Store, or sideload the APK if the update isn’t available in your country at the moment.

Current Location When Calling For Help

When you call an emergency number, the Phone app will fetch your current location and show it over the in-call controls.

The following image is courtesy of the Google Phone app’s Play Store page. The information incorporates the street address for your current location and as well as a GPS coordinates. There’s likewise a small map thumbnail for your current location.

google dialer app

This feature is valuable when you have to call for help in a place you aren’t familiar with. If you encounter an emergency at home, it won’t be too difficult to give your address. Assuming, you’re waiting at a bus stop and somebody suddenly passes out, the location information will be exceptionally useful. This feature should work on Nexus, Pixel and all Android One devices running the Android 6.0 and above.

Testing Location Look Up Amid An Emergency Call

This may or may not work on other different devices running Android 6.0. Unfortunately, the best way to find out is to call an emergency number. Needless to say, unless you have a genuine emergency, you shouldn’t be calling your local emergency numbers. In that same vein, there are reported incidents of some Android phones rebooting when you attempt to dial 911. If possible, contact your local authorities and check if there’s a safe, unobtrusive approach to check if you can get your current location when calling for help and if your phone restarts in the process.

It’s not clear from the Google Phone app’s Store page what role location services on your phone play. It is also possible you may need to enable location services on your phone in other to get your current location when calling for help. Of course, not many individuals disable location services. A substantial chunk of Android’s features and services work with your location so it’s safe for Google to assume that individuals will have location service turned on, on their device.


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