Top 5 Best Free Unlimited VPN Apps To Access Blocked Contents – 2018


Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers are everywhere on the web and most often, you need to pay to get to the best of their services. It takes a lot of money to set up a VPN server and you don’t expect these people to offer their services for free. Most VPN apps that are available for Android on the Play Store are not really a free app, they are freemium most of the time. The free offer is normally a ploy to urge you to buy their premium service. So today I will show you the Top 5 Best Free Unlimited VPN Apps To Access Blocked Contents On Your Android Device.

free unlimited vpn apps

Some of them usually limit you to a server or two with a daily cap on the amount of data you can transfer. But at the same time, there are VPN apps that are actually free and totally unlimited.

While these VPN apps are free to make use of, I don’t guarantee your privacy; some of these VPN providers are known to keep user logs on their servers. Some of the providers sell your data to third-party companies and you are at risk of the dangers that are related with free VPN like browser hijacking, tracking, bandwidth theft and so on.

Below Are The Top 5 Best Free Unlimited VPN Apps To Access Blocked Contents On Android.


Ultrasurf Android VPN

Ultrasurf is regarded as one of the oldest censorship circumvention tools, and it has been in existence since 2002. I got to know about the Windows version of the program way back in 2009. The Android version has an exceptionally simple UI with a settings panel that allows you tunnel the VPN through a proxy server. It’s very simple and direct. Ultrasurf doesn’t allow you to change servers like other VPN applications, the only available server has a US IP address. It’s absolutely unlimited and it’s ad-free.

OVPN Spider

Ovpn Spider

I got to know about this VPN while trying to get access to a restricted Chinese music streaming service a year ago. The (premium) VPN service I make use of doesn’t have a Chinese server and I was eager to get a Chinese IP address. OVPN Spider works with OpenVPN and it depends on open VPN servers available on VPN Gate. These servers are set up by volunteers around the world, you need to be careful with what you do on a VPN server set up by anonymous internet users. Servers are grouped by country and there are many to select from.

Opera VPN

Opera VPN

This is owned by the same Norweigan company that owns the popular Opera desktop and Opera Mini mobile browser. Aside from the free VPN service offered by this application, it additionally has the ability to block advertisement trackers from sites you visit. There are around 5 regions to choose from including the US, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, and Singapore.

Other VPN Apps

I tried another VPN app called Unlimited VPN, however, this VPN app is mainly supported by advertisements and the only server you get has a French IP address. Another VPN I tired which is VPN Private, it offers this service although it forces you to give it a 5-star rating in the Play Store to get “Premium” features.

My recommendation

OVPN Spider doesn’t look absolutely safe as servers are been operated by volunteers. You don’t have the slightest idea about who’s behind the server you’re surfing with or whether they have ulterior intentions. I would recommend you use Opera VPN and Ultrasurf. I’m not saying they are absolutely safe or your data isn’t being utilized for different purposes, the most important is these services are not operated by anonymous people.


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