How To Easily Install A Color Profile For Your Monitor In Windows


A color profile is a thing that defines what colors look like on your display. Color profiles are controlled by the International Color Consortium. Manufacturers that make display devices will provide color profiles that consent to the ICC but, you can install other color profiles if the default one doesn’t look good on your device. It’s fairly simple to install a color profile for your screen in Windows. What you require is your monitor’s model number and an ICC file that is the color profile.

Monitor Model

Your monitor’s model is critical to finding and installing a color profile. In principle, any color profile file can be used however you want your display to look great. If a color profile that is meant for your specific monitor, you will get a better outcome. In that likewise lies a little issue; if your monitor is no more available on the market, you won’t be able to locate a color profile for it. Before we handle that issue, find your monitor model first.

You can’t find the screen display through Windows. An ideal approach to find the model is to either check the box it came with or to take a look at the back. It’s reasonable if you haven’t kept the boxes your hardware came in. Simply check the back of your monitor where the cables go in and the model number should be there.

Next, Google the monitor model to see whether the manufacturer is still selling it. If it’s still available, you will be able to find color profiles, both official and unofficial, for your device. If not, you should manage with the one given by your manufacturer.

Color Profile File

A color profile file has the ICC augmentation. It’s a little file, scarcely more than 5KB. In the event that you have numerous screens, you should introduce the profile for everyone. Search for profiles for your screen and select one that has been made to suit your requirements. For instance, if you do a great deal of overwhelming photograph altering, discover a profile that makes photos look especially great. Obviously, this is for monitors that are still underway.

In the event that your monitor is dated, go to your manufacturer’s site. Download the display driver for your monitor. Try not to download video drivers or anything like that. Install the driver if it’s an EXE file. On the off chance that it’s a compressed file, remove it. Inside, you will find an ICC file.

Install A Color Profile

In Windows Search, type Color Management, and open the application of a similar name. If you have various monitors, tap the ‘Identify monitors’. When you know which monitor is which, open the “Device” drop-down, and select your monitor from it. Enable the ‘Use my settings for this device’ option.

color profile

Next, click “Add” and select the ICC file you downloaded to install the color profile. Click ‘Close’, and you’re finished. Your monitor will appear to be unique/better.


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