How To Easily Request The Mobile Site In Chrome Mobile


Mobile websites are sites that are optimized specifically for viewing on a mobile device. Some websites only optimize just the look while others will also serve up exceptional content that isn’t isn’t data heavy. A very good mobile site is one that can give its users access to everything the desktop site can although the mobile platform still has its limitations. It is not always possible for websites to give the same experience to its mobile audience. If you are using Chrome on your phone, you can actually get around this by requesting for the desktop site. Chrome will show you the desktop site rather than the mobile one which it defaults to. Unfortunately, on Apple iOS, there is no easy way for you to request for the mobile site in Chrome once you switch to the desktop version of the site, that is, until now.

Chrome for iOS has recently been updated with an option to request for the mobile site once you switch to the desktop version of the site. Android has had this particular option for a very long time but we will show you how it works away on both platforms.

Request The Mobile Site – Chrome For iOS

Update Chrome for iOS to the most recent version. This feature was recently added in version 60.0.3112.72. All you have to do is Tap the overflow button at the upper right and from the menu, select ‘Request desktop site’. Once you have switched to the desktop site, tap the overflow button again. You will see a ‘Request mobile site’ option in the menu. Tap it to switch it back the mobile site.

request moible site

On the older versions of Chrome for iOS, once you switched to the desktop version of the site, the ‘Request Desktop Site’ option would be grayed out. You will normally have to close the tab and open the site in another tab to get the mobile site again. Also Keep in mind that if a site doesn’t have a mobile version, you can’t use this option to force the site to show you one.

Request The Mobile Site – Chrome For Android

On Chrome for Android, this feature has been around for years now. Open another tab and navigate to a website. Tap the overflow button and check the box that is next to ‘Request desktop site’. Chrome will load the desktop site. To come back to the mobile site, open this same menu and uncheck the box just next to the ‘Request desktop site’.

mobile site

Chrome for Android and Chrome for iOS have a large disparity in terms of features. For instance, in Chrome for Android, you can enable a lot of experimental flags while they basically don’t exist in Chrome for iOS. Most of this said disparity is owed to the closed nature of iOS nonetheless, this feature is an exception. In fact, Chrome for iOS has a couple of features that aren’t in the Android version. For instance, you can scan QR codes in Chrome for iOS. Given that, there truly isn’t any reason for Chrome for iOS to wait this long to add this very simple little feature.


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