How To Style And Resize The Clock Widget On Your Android Home Screen


Customization is one of Android’s strong suits. You don’t really need to root your Android phone or tablet to improve its look or make it unique, unlike iOS. Many of the inbuilt options in Android can be tweaked by default or with the right app. A valid example; the clock widgets. Widgets on Android can be used to customize your home screen but in addition, add helpful information to it. The clock widget is one particularly valuable widget however it’s plain. It doesn’t lend much to customization. Seven-Time is a free Android widget app that gives you a chance to stylize and resize the clock widget.

Seven-Time allows you to change the color and the size of the widget. It comes with seven different art styles for the clock. You can transform it into any color that looks great on your wallpaper and you can make it as large or as little as you want.

Select Style

Install Seven Times and open the application. The Styles tab gives you a chance to preview every one of the styles the clock can display time in. Keep in mind the name of the style you like and tap the hamburger icon in the upper left. Go to the app’s settings from the navigation drawer. On the Settings screen, tap ‘Style’, and select the style you loved most.

Tweak Color And Size

Come back to the navigation drawer and select ‘Color editor’. The color editor has two tabs; Color, and Shadow. The Shadow tab won’t affect all the clock styles, just those that have a 3D look. The Color tab allows you choose any color for the clock. You can play with the sliders or, if you have any RGB code for the color you want, you can use the sliders to set it.

To resize the clock widget, come back to the navigation drawer and select ‘Size editor’. Pick how huge and how wide you want the time to be. You can change the overall size of the widget and increase or decrease the space between the digits.

Add a Clock Widget

Once you are done with customizing the look of the clock, come back to your home screen. Tap and hold it to enter editing mode. Tap Widgets at the bottom and search for the Seven Time widget. Drag and drop it on to your home screen. If the time is not fully noticeable, tap and hold the widget and resize it.

seven time widget

The lock screen in the most recent version of Android doesn’t support widgets. If you’ve rooted your device, or you’re running an older version of Android that had support for widgets on the lock screen, you can add your customized clock to it too.


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