How To Open Control Center On iPhone X


The control center, since it was presented, has been overhauled three times. A couple of changes were made so there was room for different controls to be included. In iOS 11, the design has been redesigned totally and you can at long last tweak the Control Center. Other than that, the feature, and how it’s called, has remained as before unless you own an iPhone X. The iPhone X doesn’t have a Home button but the Home button never had an influence in opening the Control Center. On the older iPhones, swiping up from the bottom would open the Control Center. On iPhone X, it doesn’t work that way. The iPhone X has new gestures that other iPhone models never had. Since the Home button has been removed, a great deal of the standard gestures has changed what they do to compensate for the removed button. A valid example; you can no longer swipe up from the bottom to open Control Center on iPhone X. The gesture to open it is an entirely different one.

Control Center On iPhone X

You may have seen that the iPhone X has another UI component that doesn’t show up on other iPhone models. They’re little bars called the status bar indicator and the home indicator. The status bar indicator shows up on the lock screen, just beneath the right ‘ear’ of the iPhone X. These bars show activity areas where gestures are perceived, in addition to other things.

To open the Control Center on iPhone X, take a look at the right ear on your lock screen. You will see the indicator just beneath the battery symbol. Swipe down on it.

iphone x indicator

This will open the Control Center on iPhone X. You can do likewise on your home screen; simply swipe down from the right ear and the Control Center will open. Swipe Up to dismiss it.

control center on iPhone X

Meddling With Apps

Despite everything, you have the option to enable or disable the Control Center in apps. You will need to return to that particular setting in the Settings app in the event that you play lots of games. On other iPhone models, a swipe up gesture may meddle in case you’re playing a game like Temple Run so it is conceivable this new gesture meddles with other apps that you utilize. Assuming this is the case, you can disable it from showing up when you swipe down on the right ear when you have an app open. In case you’re worried about this gesture meddling with the notifications shade, don’t be. The notifications shade opens when you swipe down from the center and not from the right ear.



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