Tutor On How To Enable And Record Multiple Snaps In Snapchat


Snapchat allows you to record and share videos. These videos are just 10 seconds in length though so you have to keep them short. The videos can be posted on your story or you can share them with a friend, or a group on Snapchat. Ten seconds isn’t long and Snapchat is presently facing a great deal of rivalry with everybody ripping its feature off. The app is battling back by adding new features and enhancing existing ones. It’s made a change to its video sharing feature. After the last update, you would now be able to record multiple snaps in Snapchat. The magic number is six. You can record six videos, every ten seconds long, and post them to Snapchat. Here’s how to do it.

Record Multiple Snaps In Snapchat

Open Snapchat and tap and hold the Capture button. Allow a full ten-second video to record. At the point when the progress dial is full, Snapchat will automatically begin recording the next video. If you continue holding the button after the second video has been recorded, it will record a third one. This will go ahead until you’ve recorded 6 videos. That is the limit. When you reach it. Snapchat will take you to the familiar editing screen.

You can remove a clip from the six that you’ve recorded and you can edit each clip independently.

Enable Record Multiple Snaps In Snapchat

There’s one issue with the new feature. In the event that you’ve never recorded or presented a video on Snapchat, it doesn’t appear to work. Maybe you have recorded and presented recordings on Snapchat, however, the feature looks at your recent activity. In the event that there are no recent videos that you’ve posted, the feature doesn’t work for you.

To enable it, you have to record an entire ten-second video and post it to your story. The main thing you need to ensure you do is to make it a ten-second video. Anything shorter than that won’t do. When you post the video, come back to the button mode in Snapchat and record another video. This time, when you achieve the ten-second check, it will begin recording a moment video.

This feature is clearly one for excited Snapchat users. Individuals who post photos now and again e.g. to show the new Game of Thrones snap filter in Snapchat aren’t probably going to need or need this feature. That is the main thing that can clarify why it’s kind of disabled this way. Snapchat ought to maybe be somewhat more clear on how to enable its features.


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