How To Create Location Based Alarms On iOS


A long commute to, and from work is often a drain. Some make use of the time by reading a book, catching up on email, or trying to clear a level in Candy Crush. It’s a lot of time to kill and not everyone manages to use it productively. One common and often overlooked use of a long commute is to just sleep through it. Obviously, you can’t do this if you’re driving but if you take the bus or the train, you can use the trip to catch up on sleep. The only problem is waking up on time to get off where you need to. Alarm on Place is a free iOS app that can help you there. It can create location based alarms on iOS. You can use it to mark your workplace or where you get off your train and bus, and it will wake you when you get there.

Location Based Alarms

Install Alarm on Place and navigate to the location you want to create an alarm for in the app’s built-in map. Tap and hold on a location to add an alarm.

set alarm

You can name an alarm, set a radius for how close you should be in order for the alarm to go off, and enable snooze for it. If you normally take the bus or the train to work, you should set a reasonably large radius so that you wake up just before you reach your stop. If you enable snooze, you will be able to snooze the alarm otherwise, the alarm will not have a snooze option. Alarm on Place lets you set distance in imperial or metric units. You can also customize the alarm sound.


Alarm on Place needs to know where you are in order for it to work. If at any point your phone cannot receive location information, the app will not work. This is something you need to know before you start using the app. You should give it a few test runs in the locations you plan to use it for.

While the app is great if you tend to sleep during your commute, you can use it to remind yourself when to get off a bus or train. It’s especially useful if you often miss where you need to get off, or if you’re traveling some place new where you aren’t familiar with a transit system. The app won’t take any extraordinary toll on your battery life. If you already have location services enabled on your phone, the app won’t have any impact on your device’s battery.


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